Quinton de Kock issues statement and apology after racism controversy

Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar

Author| Oct 28, 7:33 AM

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

South African batsman Quinton de Kock has issued a statement of apology to his teammates and fans after he opted out of the Proteas’ game against West Indies for not choosing to take the knee. He said that he never wanted to make himself an issue and that he understands his 'responsibility' of setting up a good example.

“I would like to start by saying sorry to my teammates, and the fans back home. I never ever wanted to make this a Quinton issue. I understand the importance of standing against racism, and I also understand the responsibility of us as players to set an example,” de Kock said in a statement released by Cricket South Africa.

He also tried to clarify his stand of not taking the knee to the opponent of that game—West Indies, who have been very vocal about those gestures in solidarity with the fight against racism. He said that his decision to rule himself out of the game due to deciding against the gesture was not to 'disrespect' them.

He reiterated his support in the fight against racism and outlined his belonging saying that he belongs to a mixed family where his own mom was black and hence it can’t be labelled against him that he doesn’t understand the importance of the fight against racial discrimination.

He said that earlier he and his teammates had the choice of making gestures on the ground and he never made public his own emotions and views about it. He said that he finds it baffling that a gesture can prove his credential and commitment against racism. He said that he could have taken a knee and lied about the motives but instead he chose to keep his emotions check and expressed confidence that his mates and people who have played with him know about his personality and thought process.


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