How Krunal is for me, Kieron Pollard is the same: Hardik Pandya

Somya Kapoor

Somya Kapoor

Author| Oct 18, 1:44 PM

Photo Credits: Twitter
Photo Credits: Twitter

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has created a pretty friendly environment among the players from all around the globe. The friendships between cricketers from different nations have become prominent and an instance of this was given by India and Mumbai Indians all-rounder Hardik Pandya. 

The right-handed all-rounder while talking to ESPNCricinfo said that he shares the same bond with Kieron Pollard as he does with Krunal. 

"How Krunal is for me, Pollard is the same. He has been part of the international circuit for a long time. I don't sometimes understand how it functions, but he has taught me to let it be. I am very upfront if I don't like something. There are lots of times when he has calmed me down, lots of times when he has given me life lessons," he said. 

Pandya further said that Pollard is a “Gujarati” by heart and is someone who believes in investments and buying properties. 

"We call him grandpa. He is from West Indies but he is actually a Gujarati at heart. He literally functions like an Indian: a guy who believes in property, a guy who believes in investments, a guy who believes: instead of buying a car, I'll buy property because it will grow, Ek rupiah Nahin waste karoonga [I won't waste a rupee]," said Pandya. 

While Hardik is with the Indian team now for the World T20 2021, Pollard would be leading the West Indies team in the tournament. The Caribbean side will be playing the competition to defend their title.  

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